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The Comeback From a Major Setback


This book is written and dedicated to all those in the body of Christ who have had their setbacks in their lives, and now it seems difficult or in some cases impossible for you to get back on the road to your purpose and destiny.  My assignment is to deliver this written message to every believer that regardless of the setback, God has not changed his mind concerning his purpose and plan for your life.  Your setback is only a setup that God is going to use being you to bigger, better, and greater things.  I would like to remind everyone that God is still good even when life seems that if you’re facing a hopeless situation, this book is for you.


Sometimes we can become blindsided by trials, tribulations and unexpected falls in life.  If you haven’t experienced any of these just keep on living!  There are some things that will come and flat out knock you to your knees.  I don’t care how strong or how spiritual you are.  I am speaking from experience that by the grace of God you can get back up to begin again.  There s still a purpose for you after having a fall. Come on a journey with me leading up to and after this horrific incident that happened to me.


On August 16, 2012, I suffered an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). This is a form of a stroke where bleeding on the brain occurs after a blood vessel ruptures.  Only one in three people survive this type of stroke.  Doctors concluded that what happened to me was related to a genetic birth defect.



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This is a story of healing and recovery.  It is a testimony of restoration and renewal. I have written this book to remind God’s people it is never over until God says it is over and to encourage you with the Word of God that all HIS promises are YES and AMEN!





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