Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me today.  On the site I will be sharing ministry minutes via my blog, ‘Ministry Minutes’ with Maurice Williams’.    You can also access my book directly from this site and contact me.  I am thankful to God for blessing me to be able to come back. So, I will be using this website to share with you all that God has done for me, but also to encourage others that God will do it for them too.






Pastor Maurice Williams is an example to very believer and child of God. The sickness he went through not only showed us the favor of God, but it showed us the purpose of God for his life.
– Apostle Larry B. Aiken
Memorial Church International, Kansas City, MO


Pastor Maurice Williams is a wonderful man of God. He has overcome many afflictions, trials, and tribulations, but through it all, God has allowed him to write this book, “A Come Back From a Major Set Back.” It will take you through every walk of life including where you are in your relationship with Christ.
– Apostle Halton”Skip” Horton
The Day Star Tabernacle International Church, Douglassville, GA


If you are in the midst of what you perceive to be a major setback, you are going to be blessed and encouraged by what Pastor Willams has to share with you through the pages of this book regarding what it means to have “Comeback” faith.
– Tony D. Cobbins, Senior Pastor
Canaan Worship Center, Kansas City, MO


Thank you, Pastor Maurice, for allowing God to lead you to write these words. I believe it will edify many and strengthen all of us in the faith.
– Apostle Keith Wesley, Sr.
New Life in Christ International Ministries, Grandview, MO